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 Stephen and Shawn(WIP)

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PostSubject: Stephen and Shawn(WIP)   Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:55 pm

My better and my worse halves.

Name: Stephen Thane
Nickname/Greek Name/ Name meaning: Steve, Stephano. Meaning crown or wreath of laurels, if I remember, or great king and Thane coming from Thanatos, meaning Death or being Death.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16
Camp/Alliance: Camp Half Blood/Greek
Parents: Hades and Latoiya Thane
Powers (Optional): He can raise the dead up to 7 at a time, 3 times a day, but by the third time he's exhausted. He has geologic powers, being able to form a mountain 12 ft high or rip a 10 ft diameter boulder from the ground. He also has death sense, like typical.
Immortal, Mortal, Demi-God, Dryad, Naiad, or etc?: Demigod.

Name: Shawn Reed
Nickname/Greek Name/ Name meaning: Clow, Shawn is the name of my ex-stepdad and past step-brother. Reed comes from a show I used to watch as a kid, Cardcaptor Sakura. (Loved it. :3)
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Camp/Alliance: Camp Half Blood/Greek
Parents: Athena and James Reed. He is a legacy of Hecate as well.
Powers (Optional): He is hyper intelligent, good with building. He is great at analyzing. He also reads tarot cards, so he can somewhat tell the future. He has telekinesis from his Hecate side and slight telepathy.
Immortal, Mortal, Demi-God, Dryad, Naiad, or etc?: A little bit more than a demigod.

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PostSubject: Re: Stephen and Shawn(WIP)   Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:06 am

It fits u...
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Stephen and Shawn(WIP)
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